Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Marriage Of Pak Man Teksi's Daughter

The last daughter of Pak Man Teksi married on last Saturday. It was quite a feast. A buffalo was brought down and so do the numerous number of chicken. Whole kampung, kecik besar, tua dan muda enjoyed the lunch. From the fellow taxi driver as Pak Man himself is a taxi operator to the Wakil Rakyat, everybody made a que to Pak Man's house.

l was there too, enjoyed the nice gulai kerbau with white rice, sayur umbut kelapa and pajeri nenas while got entertained by the Persatuan Belia's Silat Pulut team. As usual, l was with the Orang Dapur geng, led by Pak Awin, as the best and bigger portion normally serves here. Futhermore, the joys of scooping rice and gulai kerbau right from the hot kawah really made up the true kampung wedding experience.

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