Friday, 30 November 2007

Morning Coffee

Maybe a few of us here has already taken of morning coffee. l am one of you as well. For me, a morning without coffee is like sleep.

l am helpless over coffee. Local kopi O, boutique coffee, giant global branded coffee, even coffee freshly brewed at the coffee plantation, l tasted it all.

But none beat the coffee made by my other half, always ready for me on the kitchen table, every morning. Since that's the coffee made of love....

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Dedaun Kehidupan

Beberapa hari yang lepas aku menerima SMS larut malam. Namun hanya dipagi keesokannya aku baru tersedar akan kehadiran SMS itu. Ringkas sahaja pesanannya. " Mat Suli telah ke Rahmatullah jam 11 malam tadi ".

Ohh, seorang lagi kawan yang ku kenal dari zaman penuh kesulitan ku dahulu telah kembali kepada Yang Maha Mencipta...

Termenung aku dan teringatkan yang daun daun akan berterusan berguguran. Hanya dedaun milik siapakah yang akan gugur seterusnya masih belum diketahui. Terserah kepada kita untuk memikirkanya...

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Cool and Calm

The calming effect of any waterfall will never be disputed. That was what we recently found when we went to Taman Negara Tahan for a short RnR. Simply said, we went, we enjoyed, we left.

And when we are back into our daily regime, we dreams for more of Taman Negara...

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

In Display

The brand is so powerful. Mere mortals like me, at the best, can only afford to walk in into that specially choosen retailer, take look under the watchful eyes of the salespersons, make excuse and move away.

But l choose not to do that as l have not in good need to be in the "who's who" list of people nor do l have piles of cash to buy it anyway.

The brand is so powerful. It will and as always be out of my reach. It can only best seen through the glass display...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Big City Many Neons

Kuala Lumpur always is a bright night city. Bright night city as always, hallucinates me. As is hallucinates me, l always try not to be in the city for a long strech of time. Maybe there is a fear inside me that the big city hallucination will lead me to forget things. Maybe my roots, for instance....

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sweet Homecoming

l arrived a tad too early for my flight home the other day at Juanda Surabaya, which provides me a chance to glimpse into some drama of life played in front of me.

International Arrival at Juanda is never without any crowd. It was strange to see family gathers, some on the mats completes with food and drinks like having a good time on the beach. Some sleeps wherever they can, some loitering but mostly smoking, making the air feel thick with cengkeh aroma.

One flight arrived from Kuala Lumpur and the excitement abuzzed. Everybody keeps shoving each other wanting the first glimpse of the just arrived passengers. Then l heard shrill of excitement, tears of happiness and smile of accomplishment abounds. Quickly l realised that most are waiting for their relatives who ventured overseas for work. In Indonesia, they call this unsung heroes as TKI or Tenaga Kerja Indonesia. In economic sense, l named this group as the Forex supplier.

With valuable Forex at hand, most ambition can be fullfilled, lot of dream can be realised and some wish may come true.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Boatman

Just came back from an outing to Taman Negara, our Malaysia's Rainforest National Park. Shoot hundreds of photos but only really satisfied with this pic.
l was aiming to shoot the convoy of 3 boats following close to mine. While bending myself to compose and to wait till the 3rd boat appear in my viewfinder, l saw the boatman lean leftward as to get the better view of the river bend ahead. l shifted the focus point and locked it on him. Still, my camera bag was wrongly captured at the lower left corner of the pic...

Forgiving myself over the hiccup, l really feel great over this pic.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Creative But Alas...

Aku sejak sekian lama tertarik dengan "branding" diwarong akok yang terletak di Laluan Dungun - Kuala Terengganu ini. Baru hari ini aku berpeluang singgah. Secara peribadi, selain dari "billboard" ini, tiada yang dapat menambat hatiku disini.