Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sweet Homecoming

l arrived a tad too early for my flight home the other day at Juanda Surabaya, which provides me a chance to glimpse into some drama of life played in front of me.

International Arrival at Juanda is never without any crowd. It was strange to see family gathers, some on the mats completes with food and drinks like having a good time on the beach. Some sleeps wherever they can, some loitering but mostly smoking, making the air feel thick with cengkeh aroma.

One flight arrived from Kuala Lumpur and the excitement abuzzed. Everybody keeps shoving each other wanting the first glimpse of the just arrived passengers. Then l heard shrill of excitement, tears of happiness and smile of accomplishment abounds. Quickly l realised that most are waiting for their relatives who ventured overseas for work. In Indonesia, they call this unsung heroes as TKI or Tenaga Kerja Indonesia. In economic sense, l named this group as the Forex supplier.

With valuable Forex at hand, most ambition can be fullfilled, lot of dream can be realised and some wish may come true.

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