Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Boatman

Just came back from an outing to Taman Negara, our Malaysia's Rainforest National Park. Shoot hundreds of photos but only really satisfied with this pic.
l was aiming to shoot the convoy of 3 boats following close to mine. While bending myself to compose and to wait till the 3rd boat appear in my viewfinder, l saw the boatman lean leftward as to get the better view of the river bend ahead. l shifted the focus point and locked it on him. Still, my camera bag was wrongly captured at the lower left corner of the pic...

Forgiving myself over the hiccup, l really feel great over this pic.

1 comment:

taja said...

one more boat is missing...I think KD Pelampong. This photo expressed the skills of the boatman of Kuala Tahan. A Good shot indeed.