Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tangga Series : Of Lambor and Selasor

Tangga Series : In some of Terengganu's traditional house concept, the flight of steps will not end up directly to the main door but instead it rest on a platform, of which in certain part of Terengganu, Losong especially, called it as "Selasor". In some other area of Terengganu named this platform as "Lambor".

Whenever casual guest came in visiting, unless very official or berhajat besar, normally the meet and greet will be only on "atas lambor".

Whenever too, when a far a time in between, a Tok Sheikh Jual Permata came in visiting, the business will be conducted "atas selasor" too..

The House of Arwah Wan Teh bin Wan Ali, Kg Losong, Trengganu
Oly Mju II

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nuramohamedjamri said...

Classic terengganu..