Sunday, 22 July 2007

In The Kitchen

In the kitchen over the weekend, the Queen of The House did some wonderful dessert called Trifle. This is her favorite kueh, probably her most popular, as sometimes her friends did ask for some. Obviously, everyone in the family must help her.

Only one thing that we can't help, which is to eat this dessert, as none in the family likes Trifle. We are more the die hard fans of her Coconut Cake, which is a very different story altogether...

1 comment:

qool said...

Wah!! Ini boleh "geng" dgn Cikgu nih. Wey!! Sape tak suke trifle tu bak mari sini!!
Rugi sape tak pandai makan trifle. Most simple to make but soooo sedap ... Dah bertahun tak buat. Hmm ... ada idea la pulak apa nak buat utk tea time petang nanti!