Sunday, 8 July 2007

Street Food

Phnom Penh's street food, to my eyes, are very cosmopolitan. l saw the French bread are still very popular. This shot was taken one afternoon when we strolled the street of Phnom Penh. These baguettes were served with some kind of salad.

Popular across the Asia Continent, mee make a prominent appearance here in Phnom Penh. Cook-in-front-of-you style, we found this menu almost everywhere.

However, the native Phnom Penh recipe was the one that catched my eyes most. We named it grilled banana. The preparations are simple, half ripe bananas were skinned and dip into the salty water. Later it were skewed into a bamboo stick and grilled on the slow charcoal fire. Amazingly out-of-this-world kind of taste.


sayanura said...

bagaimana agaknya rasa pisang bakar tu..?

wmsoo said...

Susah nak cerita rasa macam mana, tapi memang sedap! Sajian sarapan pagi, di Kampong Muslim berdekatan dengan bandar Phnom Penh.