Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hujang Berrek

December In East Coast 

This is what l longed for December in Trengganu. Strong wind, big waves and hujang berrek. 

"Hujang berrek" is the non stop rain from the morning to the next morning to the next morning. Rarely heavy but it rain with no stop and no break. We called that type of rain as "hujang berrek".

In my childhood "hujang berrek" was my escapism. We looked to the sky and say, ah please don't stop the rain. We know for sure when the rain start to become "hujang berrek", the flood will follow. And the flood brought to us then lot of happiness.

This year, l observed we are enjoying less rain than usual. And the sea is not really rough yet and the wind is not in full blow yet. And we are now approaching mid December. Perhaps time was changed and the season changed too.

Perhaps people is now saying, "ooh, hujang sokmo lening, nak buat kerjaang payoh" instead of "ooh, musim hujang, hujang lah dia, Tuhan buat molek doh.."

Oly Mju II

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