Monday, 3 December 2012

Tangga : The Series

In the days of old, when TV was still not a familiar household object and the radio was still transmitting in SW, human interactions were the best escapism available to most folks back then.

In the days of old, when self grooming was still, to put the least, eau naturale,
East Coast women folks normally spend their late afternoon, gathered on the anak tangga of the house, helping each other, ambushing the parasites on them hairs. 

For those of us today, who deprive of their chance to see this in actual, you imagine women folks gather from the top step to the bottom step and each of them helping each other on the head, seeking you know what.

But that's not the story. The main thing was, the co-curricular that came along with that activity is the main attraction of the day. Most of the time, the juiciest story of the day will be circulated during this occasion, which goes like :

"Diri dengor dok cerita Gayah weh bla bla bla.." Then Gayah asked " Abende pulok Ngoh weh? " which provoked Ngoh to continue her story "Ambe bukang nok kabor sangat, tapi nok ghoyat hal bla bla bla"...

In general, in Trengganu, we call this "making ketupat"..

Disclamer : As Trengganu moved to Terengganu and modernisation creeping in everywhere, today, it's almost impossible to see things like this anymore.

The house beside the house of Wan Musa Wan Endut
Kg Losong
Holga 120GN / Ultrafine 400

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