Saturday, 6 January 2007

New House, New Key

Yesterday was a day of "keys" of sorts.

Earlier in the day, accompanied a friend to a jeweller's to buy her daughter a "key" pendant as a 21st birthday gift. Later that evening, upon checking the mail box, was pleasantly surprised to receive the key to our new house. After some minor glitches with the new key, voila! the front door opened with just one turn.

Aaaahh... At last, a place to call HOME.

The house still sounds hollow though. The interior / landscape designer is still not done with the final paint job, the fittings, the accessories etc., etc., etc. ; some fine tuning needed here and there. In any case, he knows best and we will leave it to him to decide on the major items. Nevertheless, we will slowly but surely turn the house into a home. It will be an interesting process, with our myriad of backgrounds and our rainbow of characters - but these, essentially, are what will turn it into "home".

Hmmm .... some have already brought their winged armchairs, chaise lounge, daybed. Now, let's see, where can I lay my pandan mat :)

Since it's a new house and that there will be many of us occupying the house, I do hope everyone will respect each other. Jokes are fine; but vulgarity (with words or paintings one may put up) just belongs to the dogs!

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wmsoo said...

Jom, lets make our new house a home!!