Saturday, 12 January 2008


Locked. Safe. Until someone open it.


sara! said...

Can't really tell why, but I like this picture a lot. The object is trivial, kinda messy, but as a whole a lovely one, especially when you see the original picture.

Maybe it's my laptop, I feel that the picture on the blog is a bit pixellated..

wmsoo said...

Thanks Sara, but l am still having a problem ironing out the pixellated pictures. Currently use the freeware IrfanView, looks like l have to go back to PaintShop Pro.

On Friday afternoon, we went for a photo session at a fishermen village. Hence shown here are a few result.

Belum mantap ya?

sara! said...

The original pic (the pop up picture when you click the pic) is not pixellated though..