Saturday, 26 January 2008


We lost a calf and a cow to the tigers in last two nights.

This is what l always fear off when the co-existing between us the homo sapient and the wildlife is divided only by a blur, thin line. We as usual, push the limit and these the jungle roamers, when no where else to go, will fight back to us.

This morning we tracked the trails. Found tracks of tigers in our orchard. The most experience friend among us suggested that was a Mother Tiger with her offspring. Probably in their round looking for food or probably while doing so, trained her offspring of "how to do it".

We did found the carcass of the calf but the other cow is still missing. Normally, when the Tiger strikes, the cow's herd will went berserk and leave the pound as the "tiger's trauma" are to much for them to bear.

We are still looking for that poor cow. Hope she still wondering around in the jungle fringe.

On the other hand, l understand we must share what we have. We will have some, and they must have some. We are sharing. After all, everything around are only a loan.


sara! said...

Ah, the last sentence of your post is so pretty, and cant agree more with it.. "After all, everything around are only a loan."

sayanura said...

Nampaknya kena lebih berhati-hati lah this time around.