Saturday, 23 December 2006

Enjoying Kerteh

A friend of mine was with us yesterday, mainly came to taste the Terengganu's Tengkujuh. The Tengkujuh was very much in it's elements when we went to the Kerteh's Majuikan Jetty for a TT session.

So much that, the simple thing of lighting up a "rokok segeret" was become an art to master in this weather...

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taja said...

...tetamu tengkujuh itu adalah aku. Whilst many are driven away by the monsoon, I was lured there.

Thank you to wmsoo and his family for the 'tengkujuh treatment' we had, I m sure our entourage will be more than glad to come again when the season open.

Sitting on the jetty, sipping tea and doing nothing were the best thing to do. Help yourself to the gushing wind (or Blizzard), all my worries were just been blown away.

I am rejuvenated!!