Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Please My Palate

A plate of good char koey teow never fails to excite my palate. To get a good char koey teow, one have to travel to the northen part of the peninsular. Ipoh at least, Taiping may be, Penang surely. Or if you can't, Kuala Lumpur probably.

Was in Ipoh, got an invitation from Aminol for an evening rendevous at a Muslim run, Chinese style kopi tiam. The kopi susu was "out of this world" and the char koey teow was simply amazing.

Oh, that kopi tiam is in the shoplot near the Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan... In case you are there, give yourself a favor. Don't forget, order the kopi susu...

1 comment:

sayanura said...

Kopi susu? hmm.. terbayang nikmatnya kopi susu dengan roti bakar. Imagining myself having a hot kopi susu with the roti, with my abah, pagi-pagi di pekan tanjung rambutan... macam masa kecil dulu-dulu.. nikmatnya!

By the way, love to try the kopi susu di Taiping. Bila agaknya..