Thursday, 21 December 2006

Tengkujuh Lagi

Indeed this is the best time in Terengganu. Monsoon bringing in strong cool wind, heavy rains, big waves, high tides and subsequently floods. Along with floods come in "Main Air Bah" or "Water Festival" more or less.

In the days of old, "Main Air Bah" was the most awaiting event in a year, or, it was a genius method of bringing out the happiness from the misery of monsoon.

In the days of old, rain fell down days and nights. In the days of old, in this season, we survived by heaps of ikan kering and ikan bilis. We rationed our food and our parents rationed their money as from November to early January, more or less are the No Income months. Neither can go out for menoreh no can venture out to sea.

Well, not much change till today. Unlike the ultra modern super fishermen in the North Sea, we still shut our fishing industry down during this monsoon season. Not much we can do anyway except bring in our boats to the safe harbour and counting days when the wind be somewhat lesser, thus the waves be somewhat smaller.

Today, the whole fleet of Kerteh Fishing Armada is mooring in Kuala Kerteh. Not a soul ventured out as at Muka Kuala, waves are trashing the "beting" and the risks may not worth the gains...

For some, life really is an adventure...


taja said...
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taja said...

We were here in Kertih and east cost at about the same time last year when heaven's gate opened.

On our home run (KL-KB),it was a deviation from normal lacklustre route through mid of Peninsula.

The route took us through Kuantan-Kertih-K Terengganu-Penarik-Setiu-Kuala Besut-Tok Bali-Bachok. A scenic journey passing east cost shore line, and during monsoon.

A halfway 'hut' in Kertih provide us with the unforgetable lunch of Crab, Crab and more Crab (bila lagi??) with kropok lekor and kopi kau as starter. Under the overcast sky and drizzling rain, this was certainly a paradise for bunch of hungry travellers.

The nature at its best element during Tengkujuh to those who savor it.