Monday, 4 December 2006

The Taiping Roti Man

l was at Taiping recently. Taiping is a place where my heart is. Everything in Taiping fascinates me.

Took my lense for an evening walkabout and found this Aya, a Roti Man, who was just taken his supply from the bakery, somewhere in jalan of which l forgot. Probably he is doing this for years. Probably when he started this out, a loaf of Roti Benggali may cost his customer only 20 sen...

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qool said...

I remember our Bengali (not the turban wearing Sikh) roti man with his rubber air horn. He served us well and delivered our bread till I went to Uni. and probably after that too. He used to call the three of us girls "Betty". The last I heard he had gone back to his kampong.